We’re Moving On Up!

Hello to all my Subscribers.  I really appreciate your commiting to read what I have to say, or at least to getting my emails and deleting them. To make the blog more readable, I have graduated to a dedicated domain with some better graphics.  You will find the Venture Valkyrie blog now at a new address http://venturevalkyrie.com.

Unfortunately, I cannot just move my subscribers over there.  Each of you has to do this individually.  So, if you are still on board with this whole Lisa Suennen blog thing, please do the following to keep your subscription:

1)  Go to <http://feeds.feedburner.com/VentureValkyrie> to renew your subscription.  You can choose “Get Venture Valkyrie Delivered by Email” to renew your email subscription, or you can choose another method (find this in the upper right hand corner) and you will continue to get my missives. 

2) Alternatively, from the blog itself at www.venturevalkyrie.com you can choose to follow by RSS or Twitter.

3) Please update your bookmarks, if any, to www.venturevalkyrie.com

If you don’t re-subscribe, you won’t get any more notices about posts, so I hope that you will!  I am planning a new post for tonight so stay tuned. 

Best, Lisa


About lisasuennen

Managing Member at Psilos Group
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