So it turns out “blog” is a verb….

The final straw was Jeff Bussgang’s article in PE Hub today encouraging more healthcare/life sciences VCs to blog (see link below).

More VC Bloggers Needed (Seriously)

I’ve been thinking about this whole blogging thing but desperately trying to stay out of the way of the Facebook/Blog/Twitter information superhighway in an effort to remain firmly aligned with the ghost of Internet past.  I know, I know, it’s lame.  But this whole digital thing kind of gives me a rash.  If everyone wanted to hear what I had to say, they would ask me, right?  Twitter?  Seriously.  I don’t even care what I’m thinking minute to minute.

But it was kind of a harmonic convergence thing.  First I saw the Bussgang post, then I clicked through to this: Global Venture Blog VC Directory Ranked by Monthly Uniques which is a list of purportedly all of the VC-authored blogs out there in the universe today.  I’m sure it is not a complete list, but it does include 137 VC blogs and, of those, only 3 (!) are authored by women.  For you math fans, that’s less than 2%, which is roughly equal to “can’t even see it with the naked eye”.  I went over to BlogHer to see if there were any current female VC blogs and there was really nothing that was recent at all.

And, in one of those strange time and place coincidences, I moderated a panel at the Red Herring 100 Conference in San Diego yesterday.  There were exactly 3 (!) women in the room of about 60 or so participants when I was up on stage, including me.  Apparently there is some law somewhere that says no more than 3 women can congregate in a business setting–perhaps people are worried that knitting might break out or something.  Anyway, of the three women, one was the CEO of BlogHer (Lisa Stone), who was super cool and very encouraging of the blog thing.  So I guess I already had it on my mind when I saw the article and lists this morning.

And thus, a reluctant blogger is born.  I am definitely not one of those feminazi types who is all about estrogen power, but there is clearly a void in the universe if there are almost no healthcare VC bloggers and even less than that in the way of female VC bloggers (much less some unwritten law that only 3 women can be in a room at any one time).  Plus, my partner, Steve Krupa, started this cool blog recently and it made me kind of envious in that he seemed to be having a lot of fun with it.  So here I am.

Don’t worry, it’s not going to be all chick-lit whining about why it’s hard for a girl to be a VC.  Life is hard, wear a helmet.  Plus, I don’t want to be the blogging equivalent of a chick-flick where all the guy VCs’ eyes glaze over because I am out here saying, “hey, does this blog make my butt look big?” Hopefully this will offer just a different point of view that happens to come from someone who willingly contributes a meaningful portion of her take-home pay to make-up and shoes instead of beer and BBQ equipment.

Thanks for reading!


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One Response to So it turns out “blog” is a verb….

  1. Lisa, Congrats on your blog beginning! I am eager to read your thoughts and know they will be not only insightful but funny!

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